Office for Responsive Environments brings together professionals with deep experience in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and community engagement, to bring a fully integrated approach to projects that build a different and more responsive city. A multidisciplinary approach allows us to reach across professional jurisdictions to broaden our repertoire, expand possibilities, and find added value during all stages of project design and delivery.

Our specialty is in working closely with our engineering colleagues to recover untapped space, leveraging civil infrastructure and strengthening community and ecological assets through hands-on processes of team facilitation, client workshops and design excellence. Our designs achieve more flexible, liveable and resilient streets, parks and public spaces. Clients of ORE access the experience and creative vision of our principals and their respective firms, as well as a broader professional network of specialists and emerging voices.

Community support and engagement are key to our practice — our team includes innovators in creative facilitation who work to address the objectives of existing stakeholders and to make places that can accommodate and benefit a broader audience of visitors than they did before. We create and improve streets to become true public spaces that can increase the viability of local shops, and increase the vitality of their surrounding precincts. We focus on interconnections and linkages to surrounding neighbourhoods, services, open spaces and landmarks, and identify the moments where higher-quality materials and additional design will add the most value to the built project.

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